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Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

Failure Analysis

Product and system failures can result in physical harm, death, and economic damage. We have analyzed thousands of product and system failures, applying both traditional and computer-based analytical methods. We have expertise in the following areas:

Production machinery

    • Automated machines
    • Process machines
    • Conveyors
    • Mechanical and hydraulic presses

Heaters and heating systems

    • Fixed resistance heaters
    • Semiconductor heaters
    • Radiant heaters
    • Heat exchangers

Small appliances

    • Blenders
    • Toasters
    • Coffee makers
    • Dehumidifiers

Farming construction and earth moving equipment

    • Trenching machines
    • Excavators and backhoes
    • Front end loaders

Commercial and Industrial Equipment

    • Bailers
    • Cranes
    • Forklifts
    • Scissor lifts
    • Boom lifts


    • Golf cars
    • Segways
    • Ladders
    • Floor and Walkway surfaces
    • Stairs
    • Exercise equipment
    • Amusement park rides


    • Tires
    • Wheels
    • Brakes
    • Transmissions


Expert Witness

An expert witness is one whose testimony will relate to specific scientific, technical or other matters and who has the professional expertise and training to be able to testify authoritatively on the particular matter in question.

A skilled expert witness needs strong technical skills and confidence in the material subject areas.  But just as important are strong testimony, presentation and persuasion skills that can only be acquired through years of first hand experience. Steinke Beyer’s experts have long-standing experience, not just as practicing engineers, but also as skilled presenters in their technical subject matter.

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Human Factors & Ergonomics

It is estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers' compensation costs alone. The costs of workplace injuries and illnesses include direct and indirect costs and are a very real financial burden on our society. We study and investigate how humans and machines interact. We can help you determine the contributing and causal factors behind human operational performance decrements, warnings and alerting system effectiveness, usability, anthropometrics, and technical documentation applicability.

Accident Prevention


Safety Design Reviews

Failure Prevention Methods

Failure modes are errors or defects in a process, design or item that can affect performance, life or safety.  Thorough analysis using techniques such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) applied early in a product or process design can lead to safer and more reliable products.

Warnings and Safety Information

The need to pay attention to warnings and other safety information is critical to user safety.  We assist in the design and review of safety information for products, environments, and processes that are meaningful and useful. Past experience has included the development of safety information for household products, recreation and fitness products, medical devices, and products used in the workplace and transportation, among others.

Automation, Robotics, and Process Systems

Production machinery, whether a simple assembly machine, or a complex, fully automated process system, must cost-effectively and reliably produce high-quality product.  These systems must be safe to use and adhere to applicable industry codes and government regulations.  Other constraints arise from the many voluntary compliance standards from US standards bodies as well as the mandated requirements of OSHA in the US and CE Marking in Europe.  We have years of experience in these matters and can assist you in navigating your way to a proper and fully compliant design.

Analysis and Development

Information Services


Intellectual Property Services

Patents and Intellectual Property

As engineering practitioners with more than 20 US and international patents and pending applications of our own, we recognize the critical importance of patents in assuring recognition of value for creative endeavors. We are here to help you and your clients by providing the information you need to successfully secure your intellectual property.

We can assist you with the following and more:

Claims review

Claims define and limit the intellectual property protection provided by a patent. Proper reading and interpretation requires familiarity with the patent process and well-established technical competence in the subject matter.


Infringement occurs if a product falls within the scope of a valid patents claims.
Such a determination requires detailed understanding of the patents claims construction and a thorough technical understanding of a products features and design.

Prior art

The existence of prior art can obviate the patentability of a new product or invention. At the early stages of a patent application, thorough knowledge of the technical details of existing prior art provides the foundation for the development of a solid and robust patent application. After issuance, new prior art may emerge. Technical analysis of the features of this art as it relates to claims construction is critical to determining the likelihood of infringement.

Forensic evaluation

Forensic engineering seeks to identify a products cause or causes of failure. The goal may be to 1) improve or change the design of a product to eliminate the problem, 2) provide foundational information in an intellectual property or patent dispute, or 3) assist a court in determining the facts relative to an accident or dispute.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering seeks to determine the basic operational principles of a product or design with the goal of developing new competing versions of a product or determining its flaws and weaknesses. Proper reverse engineering approaches always start with proper application engineering first principles such that objective and accurate results are obtained. At Steinke Beyer our experience in product design and development coupled with our solid engineering background will provide thorough and objective conclusions to such efforts.