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References and Quotes from Clients

The following are references and quotes from clients.

1) Bill McDevitt, Attorney with McDevitt & McDevitt:

" did an absolutely fantastic job in your presentation, and in defending your opinions"

To hear a Voice message from Bill McDevitt, the WAV or AVI versions work on most computers. Those with QuickTime or MP3 installed may try the MP3 Version.

2) A Ronald S. Bushner, Attorney with Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman, & Dicker:

"...We put the case in the hands of the jury yesterday about 4:30 PM. What a relief. We rested Monday late in the afternoon. Spent all day Tuesday until nearly 8 PM with the judge settling jury instructions and the verdict form. Wednesday was spent instructing jury and doing closing arguments.

So this is literally the first chance I have had to say thank you for your work on this case. Thank you! I thought you were brilliant in the court room and very well prepared, especially given the pace of the case in its final stages and the difficulty I had getting a good focus on how best to use your expertise in this case."